Alumina Tubes
Alumina Tubes

Uses of Alumina Tubes

A common use for an alumina tube is in industrial applications where high temperature resistance is required. Its durability has made it a popular component for many industries such as the manufacture of furnaces, heat exchangers, laser tubes, and corona treater tubing.

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What are the Applications for Alumina Tubes

In more traditional industries, alumina tubes are commonly used within industrial ovens and furnaces. They are used as:

• Insulators for electrical connections.
• Heat-resistant supports and sample holders.
• Injector tubes and gas nozzles.
• Covers and sheaths designed to protect delicate sensors.

In more cutting-edge industries, alumina tubes are widely used as components in hi-tech process equipment. Applications include:

● Parts for CVD, ion implants, photolithography, and semiconductor systems.
● A high voltage insulator in plasma cleaning systems for aluminum rolling and coating mills.
● Components for use in the chemical industry because of their high chemical/corrosion resistance.

Alumina Tubes

Alumina Tubes

Alumina Tubes