High Purity AlN Powder
High Purity AlN Powder

Appearance: Aluminum Nitride Powder is ultra fine particles, and its color is single uniform white or grayish white.            
AlN ceramic substrates, LED fluorescent powder, Filler, Thermal interface material, Heating plastic

Thermal Conductivity: Conventional thermal conductivity is 180W/m·K.           

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Specification of Aluminum Nitride Powder

Description Aluminum nitride (AIN) is a binary covalent compound. The crystal structure is a hexagonal fibrous zinc ore crystal structure. It is white and gray, and the heating coefficient is high. The materials at high temperature are stable. It can match the thermal expansion coefficient of the silicon material and it is the ideal electronic packaging heat dissipation material. Because of its advantages such as high strength and corrosion resistance, it is widely used in ceramic substrates, heat-conducting fillers, piles, evaporation boats, and ceramic structure devices.
Features 1High thermal conductivity
High insulation
Low expansion coefficient
Excellent electrical properties
5Good mechanical properties
Good corrosion resistance
Good optical transmission
Materials Properties Formula AlN Molecular Weight 40.99
Color Grey Boiling Point 2517
Melting Point 2200 Density 3.26g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity 180W/m·k Thermal Expansivity 4.5x10-6K-1
Specific Heat 740J/Kg· Volume Resistivity 1014Ω·cm
Dielectric Constant 8.3~9@1Hz
Mohs Hardness 9-10
Remarks: Above values are typical and not for specification.
Package Aluminum Nitride Powder is packed in double layers. The inner layer is bound with powder-free plastic bags, and the outer layer is mechanically sealed with aluminum plastic bags. The outer package is protected by hoop iron barrel. Labels containing the supplier's name, product name, product specification, batch number and net weight shall be pasted outside the iron drum.
Storage Aluminum Nitride Powder shall be stored in a cool and dry place to prevent moisture and shall not be stored open.
Transportation Aluminum Nitride Powder shall be covered during transportation to prevent rain and moisture.